Slit Lamps

Topcon, the market leader in slit lamps, offers a full range of products designed to meet the needs of today’s busy clinical practice.  With five models to choose from, Topcon has the perfect instrument to fit your needs.

The Topcon SL Series of Slit Lamps combine high optical performance with versatile digital capability, offering you precision, performance, and durability.

The Topcon Series of Digital Ready Slit Lamps combine high optical performance with versatile digital capability. The concept of “Digital Ready” is based on the streamlined adaptability of all the models of the D series to accept the Topcon DC-4 Digital Photo Attachment. The combination of the DC-4 with the high quality optics and ease of use make Topcon SL-D Slit Lamps the preferred choice of the demanding eye care professional.

Our slit lamp product line consists of the following:

Traditional Slit Lamp with LED Illumination

Cost Effective, Digital Ready Slit Lamp

Digital Ready Slit Lamp with Expanded Magnification Range

Digital Ready Slit Lamp with LED Illumination & Meibography Capability

High-Performance, Affordably Priced Digital Slit Lamp

Product Features

  • Superb Optics – With more than 80 years of experience in lens manufacturing, Topcon produces all the optics to outfit its instruments, providing uncompromised quality and optical excellence.
  • Ease of Use – Topcon Slit Lamps are ergonomically designed with the eye care professional and the patient in mind. Easy accessibility and a streamlined body make them user and patient friendly.
  • Versatility – Topcon offers a complete line of instruments with a wide range of magnifications and filters available including meibomian imaging.
  • Durability – High quality materials, precision craftsmanship and custom-made optics confer a long and trouble-free life to Topcon Slit Lamps
  • Digital Capability – All Topcon SL-D Series Slit Lamps can be outfitted with the optional DC-4 Digital Camera Attachment for added versatility and digital capability. Digital images captured by the Topcon Slit Lamp Series can be easily transferred to the Topcon suite of image management platforms including IMAGEnet and Harmony.

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