Triton is Topcon’s patented Swept Source OCT with true color fundus imaging that can penetrate through dense cataracts, hemorrhages and other media opacities. The high density widefield OCT scan allows for better visualization through the choroid and sclera.

OCT Angiography using Swept Source OCT: superior imaging through a powerful combination of technologies

Topcon’s SS OCT Angio is the only system that combines high-quality OCT angiography with a Swept Source OCT. Built on the clinically proven DRI OCT Triton platform, it is powered by OCTARA™, a proprietary image processing algorithm that provides highly sensitive angiographic detection. The exceptional visualization of vascular structures, even in the choroid and deeper retinal layers is realized.

Swept Source  technology and OCTARA™ allow the deeper structures to be visualized with less depth- dependent signal roll-off, and detect even low microvascular flow with high sensitivity. Additionally, the 1μm wavelength makes OCT imaging possible for patients with media opacities.

Product Features

  • Fast scanning speed of 100,000 A‑scans/sec for fewer motion artifacts and workflow efficiency
  • Multimodal imaging with FA, FAF and red-free photography all in one unit
  • 1,050nm Swept Source wavelength allows for high-quality scans and deeper penetration for a better understanding of many ocular pathologies
  • Automatic layer segmentation

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